Edward Bradley, ChFC®
Financial Planner
How do you play the role of a mainspring in our clients’ lives?

I pride myself on building genuine, long-term relationships with each client. Building upon that foundation, clients are able to open up and be honest about their values and goals. As a result, I am able to make recommendations I believe will make a positive difference in their lives and those of their loved ones.

What drives you?

I place a big emphasis on my relationships. I love this career because it aligns perfectly with my values and personality, and I can choose to work with clients I enjoy spending time with. As a financial planner, I get to utilize both my interpersonal skills and analytical mind, which keeps me sharp and engaged.

How do you spend time outside of work?

During the busy week, I look forward to slowing things down on the weekend and spending time with my wife, Morgan, our daughter, Charlotte, and our dog. We are frequent visitors of the Marymoor dog park and enjoy the outdoor activities that each season has to offer. Whether it’s playing soccer, hiking, skiing, playing tennis or cycling, it’s important to us that we stay active. I also have the pleasure of coaching a youth soccer team, and I’m holding my breath for the next Husky appearance at the Rose Bowl.

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