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Since we started our firm in 2013, we at Mainspring have been committed to giving back to our communities. As a group, we have engaged in over 870 hours of community service. It is our belief that giving back to our community should be more than just a financial contribution; it’s getting out there and getting to work. Mainspring Cares: Investing in Our Community is the culmination of this work we all believe in. On May 10th, we had the first annual Mainspring Cares event where each office closed for the day to put hours back into the communities in which we do business. We would like to share where each office volunteered, what we did, and how you can still contribute.

Our Bellevue and Everett offices spent time cleaning one of LifeWire’s transitional homes for victims of domestic violence. We put our work gloves on and got to work cleaning up the grounds. Kevin even used his brute strength to pull a dead shrub out of the ground! They were not alone in their work as they were joined by members of Davies Tax Advisors as well as the local Dale Carnegie professional team to lend a hand in the work. Hopefully this will provide a safe and stable place to heal.

Mainspring Cares Bellevue
Mainspring Cares Bellevue

The Burien office spent the day at the Des Moines Area Food Bank. We helped sort all the generous food donations, prep lunches for kids and cleared space for a large food drive they were having that Saturday. The quantity of donated food was overwhelming, but the impact this food bank has is even more powerful. They shared that there are many kids who go home on Friday and don’t eat another meal until they return to school the next Monday. It was great to help alleviate some of this strain for families in the area.

Mainspring Cares Burien
Mainspring Cares Burien

Caroline, Linnae, Rory, and Anna from our Magnolia office spent the day at the Seattle Milk Fund, reviewing application essays from 25 different parents applying for grants to help with childcare as they complete their higher education. All the applicants have encountered adversity but their spirit and determination for higher education are inspiring. These parents are not just thinking about their own children but how their education will contribute to their community. Tears were obviously shed while reading the stories of these amazing parents.

Mainspring Cares Magnolia

The Langley office laced up their hiking boots and set out to clear a new trail in the Trillium Community Forest. With the help of clients and professionals on Whidbey and Camano Island, the group bushwhacked a new trail to allow people to enjoy this amazing land. Tyrel even connected with his inner caveman, bringing down a tree with his own bare hands! Hopefully, this new trail will help nature lovers spend more time in this beautiful land.

Mainspring Cares Langley
Mainspring Cares Langley

It was certainly a fun and rewarding day for all the team members at Mainspring. We are glad we were able to spend some time with these wonderful charities and we look forward to building Mainspring Cares to have an even larger impact on our communities. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money and resources to these wonderful charities we all hold dear.

If you would like to learn more about these charities or to donate, please click the links below:


Des Moines Area Food Bank:

Seattle Milk Fund:

Whidbey Camano Island Land Trust:

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