September 17, 2015

There are many moving parts at our Mainspring office, and I’d like to share a “behind the scenes” program that was created as a value add for our clientele, and one you may not even be aware of.

Every other Monday afternoon our advisors meet in our conference room for what we call “Case Class”. This is an opportunity for the advisors to be presented with a current client’s confidential financial scenario in a round-table setting in which discussion includes collaboratively dissecting the financial plan, reviewing options and resources, and discussing issues and proactive strategies from different points of view. What sets this class apart from others, is that we invite one or two business professionals to join us to offer their insight from outside our area of expertise.

Most recently our Case Class topic related to a client with a complex portfolio of real-estate holdings in multiple states and retirement assets, which presented an ideal situation for a real estate broker and real estate attorney to participate with us. It proved to be a lively discussion that involved eight different professionals across three industries, all with a wide range of expertise. While the identity and private information of the client remains confidential, the group was able to discuss and ultimately come up with a list of questions and topics to consider for the client. This list that would ultimately provide more options, more consideration, and a better outcome for our client.

While the proverb might be old, we believe it to be true and a cornerstone belief here at Mainspring that “a few minds are better then one”. As our client’s financial planner, one of our roles is to coordinate with the other professionals in their lives to ensure that no stone goes unturned for our clients. Our Case Class is one way we do just that.

I hope you enjoyed the “behind the scenes” look at one of the programs here at Mainspring. Whether you are a client or friend of the firm, next time you run into a Mainspring team member I would encourage you to ask them about our case classes. It is a program we are proud of and we believe to be crucial component in caring for our clients.

Tyrel LaceyFinancial PlannerMainspring Wealth Advisors