June 13, 2016

Earlier this year, all employees of Mainspring Wealth Advisors joined together to further develop and clarify our corporate culture and identify our seven core values. It was a fun exercise, and was a vital step in uniting three very similar - but still different - offices together with similar vision and mindset. I have witnessed many of these values play out in many different areas.

Three of these core values - commitment, personal responsibility, and fun - were exemplified recently at our Second Annual Investment Symposium. Since we do not have the corner on all good ideas, we brought together four firms consisting of successful financial planning friends that we have gotten to know over the years. In addition, we invited experts from our investment company partners to share their industry knowledge and best practices. This was not just some corporate junket to get away for some fun in the sun, but was a chance to learn, share, and discuss topics that affect our clients and industry.

I was happy and excited to see everyone so engaged and eager to contribute. That attitude solidified the commitment that each one of us has to sharpening our skills in helping our clients through these seemingly ever challenging and complicated times. While each individual advisor will only truly know the depth of their commitment and their personal responsibility to continue to develop themselves, I was pleased with what I took away from the conference. It was fun to hear the different points of view and the opportunity to get to know each person on a more personal level, as well. Having a pinch of fun, by offering a choice of golf or bike excursion, helped to keep everyone motivated and jubilant.

With the wealth of information available to our industry, our job as financial advisors has changed and evolved over the years. Before, it was more about bringing pertinent information to the situation, but now, it is also about filtering the information that bombards each and every one of us and identifying strategies and solutions to preserve and improve our individual financial plans and investments.

Over the past decade, there have been too many examples of criminal behavior being associated with financial advisors. Bernie Madoff comes to mind very quickly, for most people, as the mastermind behind these clever Ponzi schemes. As difficult as it was to experience the aftermath and cataclysmic effects of his actions, this event, along with many others, helped forge recent legislation that focuses on fiduciary care: putting the client's interests first. It amazes me that the fiduciary ruling must be mandated, as I firmly believe that most financial advisors take good care of their clients, and I'm certain that at our Investment Symposium, the room was full of them. Mainspring Wealth Advisors welcomes and encourages these changes to our industry, and we feel that they reflect the way we have always done business - the client is always first.

Each one of us takes personal responsibility to be the best we can be, and to take the best care of our clients. Developing and fostering these trusted industry relationships is enjoyable, enlightening, and helps each of us deliver on our commitment to be an integral part of our clients' plans and lives.